Sunday, August 17, 2014

Running is hard

And it's getting more difficult with each passing week.

Although, I do have to say, I've had a pretty productive summer. I meant to write a race report for the North Fork 50k (where I achieved a 20-minute course PR and won 3rd in my age group). I also meant to write a recap of the Chase the Moon 12-Hour Endurance Run (where I was only able to squeak out 41.2 miles in 10:50... had to cut it short because I wasn't feeling like I'd be able to manage another 3 miles in an hour, and then passed out in the parking lot... but still managed to snag 2nd in my age group).

I fear my racing days are over.

For a little while.

Currently, I am humbled on 3-mile runs. Since shortly after Chase the Moon, I haven't had a single run over 3 miles without a walk break, including a few 3 mile runs that are more like I'm practicing a reverse of the Galloway method (5 minutes walking, 1 minute running). I was not prepared for how quickly things were going to change. You can read every blog on the subject and still not know how your own body will respond. I've been fortunate in some respects, and for that, I'm grateful.

It's worth it, though. At least, I think it's worth it. Most people say it is, anyway. Eventually? Immediately?

I'll let you know in February 2015 if my opinion's changed.

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