Wednesday, February 12, 2014

21-Day Sugar Detox - Day 3 and 4

Only Day 4, and I'm already slacking. I did write Day 3's post yesterday, but never submitted it. Oh well, rewrite.

I'm disappointed with how good I feel. I thought this was supposed to get tough. Of course I wrote that today at lunch, and then an hour later, had my head on my desk moaning about how much I miss sugar. Even though I didn't eat much sugar beforehand. Also, what's with all the typos today? I've had a lot of those.

So these posts are pretty lame because the food I'm eating, while good, is really gross looking and not really conducive to taking photos. But all bloggers post pictures, so here's one of my empty Blender Bottle.

Last night, I picked up my copy of The 21-Day Sugar Detox. Recipes galore! Many of them are customizable. I currently don't eat beef, pork or chicken (my flimsy argument is that they're not real animals, but really I probably just think they're cute), so I can easily replace, for the most part, ground beef or pork with ground bison. (Ok, I think bison, salmon and elk are cute too.)

So, great book, but what's with all the beautiful pictures of sugar crystals? Don't you know what that does to a girl on Day 4 of the program?

Now to where you judge my foods.

Day 3:

-2 eggs, 1 egg white, 1.5 plum tomatoes, 1 cup raw spinach

-Leftover bison chili, half an avocado

- 3 oz bison medallion
- mixed baby greens
- simple spinach soup from the 21-Day Sugar Detox

- celery and homemade almond butter

Day 4:

I tried to make today a little more interesting. This was the first time for the detox I included fruit (was supposed to be doing that every day, but I didn't have any that fit the bill). Before leaving work this morning, I made a modified version of The 21-Day Sugar Detox's Coco-Monkey smoothie. Really simple, and very satisfying even without the sweetness.

I've never really liked mashed potatoes, but I've wanted to try making their more Paleo-friendly counterpart, the mashed cauliflower. Somewhere on the interwebs yesterday I ran into a truffled mashed potato recipe, and for some reason I find myself with an overabundance of truffle oil, fresh cauliflower, and organic butter that's about at the end of its life. Add a pinch of rosemary, and .. Okay, add a lot of rosemary, because what's the worst that could happen if you add too much rosemary, it tastes more rosemary-ish? And that's a bad thing? Anyway, rosemary is essential. Doesn't even need garlic, because for some magical reason, cauliflower is always subtly garlic-flavored.

Today's breakfast was equally as exciting as yesterday's. Egg plus tomato plus spinach equals delicious monotony.

Mid-morning oh-my-gosh-give-me-second-breakfasts-please - variation of 21DSD coco-monkey smoothie (I used 8 oz. full fat coconut milk, 28 almonds, 1 under ripe banana and 1 tbsp. cocoa powder, just omitted the avocado).

-3 oz. leftover bison medallion over baby greens and carrots

- 6 oz. salmon
- truffled mashed cauliflower with rosemary. Actually turned out really, really good!
- mixed baby greens

- 1 oz. aged cheddar


  1. That's awesome that you're feeling so great! Question: how much time do you spend on food prep and actual cooking? I think that is what scares me away - the time it will take to plan out the meals, buy ingredients, etc.

    1. It depends on what I'm making. Since starting, I think the chili was the most time-consuming food item I've made because I let it cook for about 2 hours. Even then I'd say it was about 15-20 minutes of active work, but it fed me (and Aaron) for three days.

      I'm fortunate to have two things: Whole Foods across the street (until I move on Saturday), and a Costco membership. Whatever I don't already have a ton of from Costco, such as half a ton of frozen wild-caught salmon, a side of local bison and organic vegetables by the bushel, I can walk across the street and pick up from Whole Foods.

      As for planning, and this goes for real-life and detox-life, I somehow have gotten away with doing as little of that as possible. It usually leads to me eating a lot of the same old, or finding a recipe that sounds really good--usually fifteen minutes before dinner--and then modifying it with ingredients I already have.

      So the short answer is: I'm lazy, and spend as little time/thought/effort as possible. :)